Impact on industrial and other user communities

This project will have impact on developers, manufacturers and users of point-scale soil moisture sensors and other hydro-meteorological equipment used in the meteorological, hydrological, agricultural, environmental and related fields. The manufacturers shall ultimately have the possibility to certify the performance of their instruments based on standard procedures. This will enable them to respond to the needs of national meteorological services for SI-traceable, maintenance-reduced instrumentation and fully automated weather stations.

Manufacturers of laboratory equipment for instrument calibration will also benefit from the calibration procedure and metrological framework developed within this project, since they will be able to provide compliant calibration devices for soil moisture instruments. This will enable them to market standardised and interoperable equipment and services that will underpin the harmonisation efforts in application areas such as weather monitoring and forecasting, and precision farming.

The development of the traceability scheme and validation practices for the CRNS method as part of this project, as well as the recommendations on networks design and validation practices, will support the existing and upcoming CRNS networks in Europe and worldwide. This positive effect will be in form of SI-traceable CRNS devices, more reliable and interoperable data sets from CRNS networks, harmonised data for further use in hydrology, meteorology, and agriculture.