Impact on relevant standards

This project will contribute to standardisation of methods for soil moisture measurement, including input to Soil quality (ISO 11461:2018 "Soil quality — Determination of soil water content as a volume fraction using coring sleeves — Gravimetric method").

Furthermore, the SoMMet project is expected to generate results that will be very valuable to standardisation work within the following Technical Committees (TC), Standing  Committees (SC), Working Groups (WG) and expert teams:

  • CEN/TC 444/WG5 - European Committee for Standardization, TC 444 Environmental characterization, WG 5 Physical tests;
  • ISO/TC 190/WG1 and ISO/TC 190/SC3 - International Organization for Standardization, TC 190 Soil quality, WG 1 Soil and Climate Change, SC 3 Chemical and physical characterisation;
  • WMO SC-MINT - World Meteorological Organisation, SC on Measurements, Instrumentation and Traceability;
  • WMO INFCOM - World Meteorological Organisation, Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems;
  • EURAMET TC-T - European Association of National Metrology Institutes, TC for Thermometry.